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About us:
  • Our office is located right in the heart of Saint-Petersburg city, opposite to the Mayakovskaya subway station.
  • We stock a full range of highest-quality parts, that’s why 80% of repairs can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Our skilled repair experts always keep a high level of service and quality.
  • We warranty all our repairs for up to 6 months.

Apple Repairs

iPhone Repairs

iPhone 5s Repairs iPhone 5 Repairs iPhone 4s Repairs iPhone 4 Repairs iPhone 3GS Repairs iPhone3G Repairs

iPod Repairs

iPod touch Repairs iPod touch 2/3/4/5 iPod nano 6G/7G iPad4 iPad3 iPad2 iPad mini iPad Air

MacBook Repairs

MacBook MacBook pro MacBook Air Retina 2008 - 2013
All models

A solution to all problems


No sound from headphones

Camera isn`t working

Battery draining too quickly

No sound

Not turning on

No network

Screen doesn`t stay off during phone calls

Vibration isn`t working

Can`t hear callers

Button isn`t working

Not charging

Water / moisture damage

Callers can`t hear me

Broken rear panel

Broken screen / glass

Russia 2nd floor, 102 Nevsky Prospekt Saint-Petersburg
Monday; Friday 11.00am – 20.00pm
Subway station: Mayakovskaya / Ploschad Vosstaniya

Screen is broken / no image

Touchscreen isn`t working

Button isn`t working

PC isn`t recognizing the device, not charging

Camera (back/front) isn`t working

Water / moisture damage

Wi-Fi isn`t working

Rear panel is broken / damaged surface

iPod touch Repairs

Screen isn`t working

Broken glass

Damaged rear panel

Water / moisture damage


Wi-Fi isn`t working

Camera isn`t working

Not recognizing sim card

Button isn`t working

Shutting off too quickly

CD-Rom replacement

Wi-Fi isn`t working

Microphone isn`t working

Keyboard isn`t working (fully / partly)

Water / moisture damage

Camera isn`t working

MacBook Repairs

Why choose Piter-Apple

  • Fastest service!
    80% of repairs can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • No hidden fees or charges!
    The price you see on our site is the final price you pay.
  • Convenient payment options!
    We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Highest-quality parts!
    To guarantee the quality of our service, we carefully select the device parts used in the repairing process.
  • Warranty on all of our work!
    We are responsible for the quality of our service and we warranty all our repairs for up to 6 months.
  • Trustworthy attitude towards customers.
    Whilst providing our service at a reasonable price, we also will keep you informed during every step of the repair process.
We provide fast repair service for Apple devices – including iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook. Experienced and skilled specialists at our office, highest quality parts in our stock – that’s why Piter-Apple is an ideal place to have your device fixed!

Apple technics is world-famous for its reliability, but nevertheless some devices may stop functioning properly due to many reasons, including physical damage or software bug. Every such case requires a skilled and careful approach.

Our service center offers professional repair of Apple devices in Saint-Petersburg.

What makes us the best:

  • High-tech diagnostic and repair equipment;
  • The highest-quality parts that can be sourced;
  • Highly skilled technicians;

That allows us to perform fast and reliable repair service, no matter how complicated the problem is. Our repair center provides service for any kind of Apple device.

We provide official warranty on all our work.

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